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Infants - babys - children
Weight gain
Annual check
My philosophy
Love to search for answers to many questions relating to human health.
Search through a valid and reliable literature and scientific articles mostly are trying to work double-blind (ie neither the examiner nor the examinee to know the control group and the group with the material to experiment thus eliminated the possibility of cheating by the food industry or a similar company that has an interest).
I assume that the diet industry, food industry and many fast food restaurants, supermarkets trying several times to convince fraudulently their consumers to get their products.
I get angry with this mockery and try to change this either through correct information of my clients through direct observation - recommendation in this whole rigged industry.
I'm against:
- Depilitate, weaken and all slimming products and almost all light products.
- Fast and deprivation and unorthodox ways of weight reduction.
- The protein diets that dissolve mainly digestive and bowel, kidneys, spoil, destroy your metabolism and cause depression and melancholy.
- Dietary supplements in healthy bodies.
- Drugs to unnecessary use and when it is not necessary.
Trying for a full, valid and reliable information to my clients without prejudice and above all without the direction of any food company or industry or pharmaceutical company.
Vasileios I. Flouris