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Services provided to my office:

1. Sessions are the main services offered at my office (visits):

-  Every 15 days

-  Duration 45 minutes

-  Telephone support whenever the customer needs

-  Mandatory weekly call reporting  (we call)

-  Basic body measurement at each visit (fat measurement, body fluids, region, weight, assessment, debate)

-  Food lesson, market news, talk about avoiding mistakes, psychological support (all included in the visit)

-  Recording data in an electronic file to compare results

Along with diet I also provide recommendations - advice so that if the diet is not followed, the person can comply with the recommendations and still have a positive result.

If asked not to form a diet but just only recommendations to be given, this is directly accepted and we proceed in this manner. The diet is not the best way but is a crawl in order to accelerate the process (weight reduction, increasing of fluids, increased efficiency, etc.)

2. Service of tougher monitoring, accelerated effect

What applies to the basic 15-day visits applies in this case as well, but the visits occur every 7 days.

I believe that a visit per week is the perfect way, since there is a weekly diet that meets the needs of the person concerned, as it is adjusted to the latest body measurement. Here of course the customer emotional state does not have the time to turn negative because the next appointment is very fast. The only negative point of that, is that the cost is twice the price of month, but it really deservers ten folds due to the effect!

3. Service of visits at home

There applies the same as in paragraphs 1 and 2, but at the customers place.
There is no extra charge if there the house is not more than 10 kilometers from the center of Athens.

4. Correspondence service (for provinces and abroad)

- The financial obligation of the customer is once a month.

- The telephone communication or communication via the internet is once a week.

- The diet is changed every week.

- Body measurement is based on my recommendations.

5. Service sessions by computer (Skype)

This service includes what is included in paragraph 1 and 2 except body measurement.  The body measurements are based on my recommendations.

This service costs 25% less because body measurement does not exist. The appointment is normally just in time we have planned. The client must certainly have a headset with microphone for computer and it would be also good to have a camera on his computer.

6. Service of exclusively body measurements.

I am referred to this service in the box somatometrics in the side column on this website.

Anyone can have exclusively body measurements such as measurement of the metabolic rate, measurement of resistance or fractionated fat measurement to obtain the necessary data so as to improve their body or simply to understand and explain the failure to reduce their weight or the reason they feel fatigue or have stabilized sports performance. 

My office offers many more services, some of which are on facilities in the adjacent column on my website. For any information you may need contact me by phone or send me an e-mail.

Vasilis Flouris