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A few words about me

I work as a Consultant of Physical Education and Nutrition since 1999 and as a Clinical Dietitian - Nutritionist since 2004. I work as a freelancer at my personal office and have my own laboratory of food studies and experiments since 1999. I work since I was 19 years old, part time or full-time, in sports facilities (ergometer centers, gyms, health centers).

My first contact with my personal nutrition program was in 1984 when I was 11 years old, I am in sports facilities since that age at a championship level and for 12-13 years I am on strict dietary treatments either good or unorthodox unfortunately.

I had the comfortability to travel abroad due to championship very early in my life and to meet people with different interests, several sport agents and doctors of all specialties so that discussing with them could form a clearer idea of what I would really like to pursue as a career .

In 1990 the famous Harvard University in Massachusetts gave me a scholarship because of the enormous success I had in World Gymnasiade (2nd place with a performance below the world record for my age at the race of the 400-meter hurdles (the first one, who overpassed me, managed a world record!). I rejected this incredible proposal purely for economic reasons, not to burden my parents with some basic costs that I would have there (tickets, money for transportation, possible failure in a course, etc.). I didn’t regret that decision. On the opposite, here in Greece I studied and got 2 degrees in the university, while simultaneously I had the time to do seminars on various objects relative to my job, work and practice sports, so that both work experience and education changed my perspective on the subject of nutrition to a better and prudent way/level.

Today I am 43 years old, my effort to be informed on issues of Clinical Dietetics is daily, my study is regular because of the specificity of all my clients. I believe I will never cease scientific research and study because it's something I do with personal interest and love.
                                                                                                                                                  Vasileios I. Flouris